24 Seller Scripts to Get Your Properties Sold!

“These strategies work!”

Sven Skarie, Long & Foster

Make More Money Listing and Selling Houses
with 24 Proven Seller Scripts

Can you imagine knowing exactly what to say to your sellers, in any circumstance or market condition, to get them on board with a price that will get their house sold?

You're about to discover 24 proven, pricing and price reduction, scripts that will help you immediately start building a profitable listing business and make you more money listing and selling houses!

And I’m so confident that these scripts will help you make more money and get your properties sold that they come with my risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee!

Send Me These 24 Seller Scripts Immediately

“After completing this course, I went out and applied them and was able to easily preframe the price reduction conversation and also successfully got one completed that’s been a challenge for me. The scripts are super useful and having so many awesome ways to attack the uncomfortable topic of price reduction means you'll never sweat the discussion.” - Sven Skarie, Long & Foster

Course Description

Course description

These 24 pricing scripts, an integral part of our Certified Price Reduction Course, are created with one big goal in mind - to ensure you have listings that are priced to sell.

You’ll receive seller scripts covering a wide-variety of circumstances and market conditions. These proven scripts help you price your homes for quick sales with multiple-bids and full-price or above asking price offers. You’ll get scripts for uncovering your seller’s rock-bottom price. You’ll hear price reduction scripts for getting ahead of shifts in the market, and so much more.

Each seller script is delivered in a short, bite-sized video clip along with a .pdf download you can use to practice and build confidence mastering the script.

My promise to you is that If you learn all 24 of these scripts, there is no reason why you your listings will not be priced to sell from this point forward.

So, what’s your average commission on each listing you sell? Is it worth more than $47? If your answer is “yes”, then there is no reason you shouldn’t start using these seller scripts today.

Send Me These 24 Seller Scripts Immediately

Course Curriculum

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1. The Worry Price
The Worry Price Video FREE
The Worry Price Download FREE
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2. The Price Point
The Price Point Video
The Price Point Download
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3. Heart Attack
Heart Attack Video
Heart Attack Download
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4. Cash Deal Today
Cash Deal Today Video
Cash Deal Today Download
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5. You'll Forget
You'll Forget Video
You'll Forget Download
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6. Beat The Builders
Beat The Builders Video
Beat The Builders Download
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7. The Only Two
The Only Two Video
The Only Two Download
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8. Normal vs. Drastic
Normal vs. Drastic Video
Normal vs. Drastic Download
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9. Spying On You
Spying On You Video
Spying on You Download
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10. The Edge
The Edge Video
The Edge Download
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11. All Feedback Leads To Price
All Feedback Leads To Price Video
All Feedback Leads To Price Download
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12. The NAR
The NAR Video
The NAR Download
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13. The Huge Mistake
The Huge Mistake Video
The Huge Mistake Download
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14. You're The Highest Bidder
You're The Highest Bidder Video
You're The Highest Bidder Download
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15. One Through Ten
One Through Ten Video
One Through Ten Download
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16. The Cross Off List
The Cross Off List Video
The Cross Off List Download
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17. The Carrying Cost
The Carrying Cost Video
The Carrying Cost Download
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18. The Emotional Toll
The Emotional Toll Video
The Emotional Toll Download
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19. Me Road And The You Road
Me Road And The You Road Video
Me Road And The You Road Download
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20. The Train Is Coming
The Train Is Coming Video
The Train Is Coming Download
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21. Reject Three
Reject Three Video
Reject Three Download
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22. The Invisible Price
The Invisible Price Video
The Invisible Price Download
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23. The Pinball
The Pinball Video
The Pinball Download
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24. The Miracle Month
The Miracle Month Video
The Miracle Month Download
Send Me These 24 Seller Scripts Immediately