Little-Known, Proven, System Shows You Exactly How to Close 10x More Buyers - Guaranteed!

(Without Using Outdated Scripts and Strategies Every Other Agent in Your Market Uses!)

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Learn the Exact Real Estate Sales System that Buyer's Agents are Using Right Now to Earn Up To $500K in Buy-Side
Real Estate Commissions Annually

No-Risk 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The problem we face as real estate buyer’s agents is no secret.

Real estate buyer leads are all low-quality (especially online real estate leads)...

...and all agents offer the same homes to buyers - houses that are found just a point and click away on the MLS, Zillow and other public websites.

Today’s online, all-access, environment makes it nearly impossible for any real estate agent to stand out and achieve a high-level success as a buyer agent.



It’s true, the scripts, dialogues and strategies (even those less than a year old) are failing buyer agents in all markets.

And you are also going to fail unless you adopt a proven system that works in today’s environment.

Simply put: The old ways of getting and converting buyers does not work.

But here's what is working…

...and working to the tune of nearly $7 million in yearly GCI for the two successful agents you are about to meet.


The Certified Buyer Agent from Rebus University!

Unlike the majority of real estate agents across the country (and in your local market), you now have access to a turnkey system that is proven to deliver successful results.

Billion-Dollar Agents Keri Shull and Daniel Lesniak (creators of the system and your instructors) are in the field using this exact system today to generate nearly $7 million in GCI annually.

And their system is now, right here, at your fingertips.

I guarantee you that if you put their proven process into place - no matter if you are running a real estate team, no matter if you are part of a team or no matter if you are an individual agent - it will work

And I back that guarantee up with my No-Risk, No-Hassle 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Ready to stand out, succeed and become the go-to buyer agent in your market?

Sounds like you are ready to get started today with the Certified Buyer Agent!

No-Risk 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

When you purchase Certified Buyer Agent today, you’ll receive everything you need to instantly start increasing your business including:

  • Over 5 hours of video training led by today’s top agents
  • Exclusive, Downloadable Supplemental Materials (Ultimate Home Buying Guide Presentation, Buyer Presentation Flyers, Buyer Offer Decisions and Buyer Needs Analysis)
  • Quizzes to help you master critical concepts
  • Proven strategies for getting off-market properties
  • Bulletproof Strategies for making open houses work fo you
  • What To Say On Your Initial Appointment To Close 90% of Your Buyer Leads
  • How To Show Homes & Negotiate The Best Buyer Deals
  • The Proven Method For Keeping Your Commissions
  • What To Do When Your Under Contract
  • How To Ensure You Have Clients For Life

How much is just 1 more buyer client and buy-side commission worth to you?

Now, imagine what your business will look like when, at a minimum, you 10x your buyer conversions and buy-side commissions.

No-Risk 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Course Curriculum

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Introduction Video
Supplemental Materials (IMPORTANT)
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Buyer Lead Conversion
The Call (Part 1) Video
The Call (Part 1) Quiz
The Call (Part 2) Video
The Call (Part 2) Quiz
The Call (Part 3) Video
The Call (Part 3) Quiz
Follow-Up Video
Follow-Up Quiz
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Open House Conversion
Open Houses (Part 1) Video
Open Houses (Part 1) Quiz
Open Houses (Part 2) Video
Open Houses (Part 2) Quiz
Open Houses (Part 3) Video
Open Houses (Part 3) Quiz
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Finding Off-Market Properties
The Off-Market Process (Part 1) Video
The Off-Market Process (Part 1) Quiz
The Off-Market Process (Part 2) Video
The Off-Market Process (Part 2) Quiz
The Off-Market Process (Part 3) Video
The Off-Market Process (Part 3) Quiz
The Off-Market Process (Part 4) Video
The Off-Market Process (Part 4) Quiz
The Off-Market Process (Part 5) Video
The Off-Market Process (Part 5) Quiz
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The Initial Appointment
The Buyer-Needs Analysis (Part 1) Video
The Buyer-Needs Analysis (Part 1) Quiz
The Buyer-Needs Analysis (Part 2) Video
The Buyer-Needs Analysis (Part 2) Quiz
The Buyer Presentation (Part 1) Video
The Buyer Presentation (Part 1) Quiz
The Buyer Presentation (Part 2) Video
The Buyer Presentation (Part 2) Quiz
The Buyer Presentation (Part 3) Video
The Buyer Presentation (Part 3) Quiz
The Buyer Presentation (Part 4) Video
The Buyer Presentation (Part 4) Quiz
The Buyer Presentation (Part 5) Video
The Buyer Presentation (Part 5) Quiz
The Reality Check (Part 1) Video
The Reality Check (Part 1) Quiz
The Reality Check (Part 2) Video
The Reality Check (Part 2) Quiz
The Reality Check (Part 3) Video
The Reality Check (Part 3) Quiz
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Keeping the Commission
Keeping the Commission (Part 1) Video
Keeping the Commission (Part 1) Quiz
Keeping the Commission (Part 2) Video
Keeping the Commission (Part 2) Quiz
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Showing Homes
Showing Homes (Part 1) Video
Showing Homes (Part 1) Quiz
Showing Homes (Part 2) Video
Showing Homes (Part 2) Quiz
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Helping Your Buyer Make an Offer
The 12 Steps (Part 1) Video
The 12 Steps (Part 1) Quiz
The 12 Steps (Part 2) Video
The 12 Steps (Part 2) Quiz
Offer Negotiation (Part 1) Video
Offer Negotiation (Part 1) Quiz
Offer Negotiation (Part 2) Video
Offer Negotiation (Part 2) Quiz
Comparable Market Analysis (Part 1) Video
Comparable Market Analysis (Part 1) Quiz
Comparable Market Analysis (Part 2) Video
Comparable Market Analysis (Part 2) Quiz
Comparable Market Analysis (Part 3) Video
Comparable Market Analysis (Part 3) Quiz
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Going Under Contract
Buyer’s Remorse Video
Buyer’s Remorse Quiz
The Pending Process Video
The Pending Process Quiz
Settlement Video
Settlement Quiz
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Creating Clients for Life
Client for Life (Part 1) Video
Client for Life (Part 1) Quiz
Client for Life (Part 2) Video
Client for Life (Part 2) Quiz
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Conclusion Video
No-Risk 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee