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Will Facebook Ads even work for me as a real estate agent?

It’s understandable you would ask that question - especially when it seems like you need a secret key to crack some kind of code to succeed with Facebook Ads as a real estate agent. At least, that is what the Facebook marketing gurus and agencies will tell you.

Real estate agents taking the Facebook Ads Certification course, however, are finding that there’s nothing farther from the truth.

Immediate Results with Lower Costs

With a small investment of time and the training we provide, you can immediately start generating and qualifying leads (motivated sellers and buyers), converting leads to clients and closing more transactions using Facebook Ads.

And you can do this at a small fraction of the amount you pay now for unqualified leads from other sources.

Easy to Duplicate Strategies and Ads

And what real estate agents love about our Facebook Ad course is that it doesn’t just shows.

You’ll look right over real estate agent and online marketing expert Evans Putman’s shoulder like you are standing in the room watching his computer screen as he not only gives you a tutorial on Facebook Ads, but actually creates ad strategies and Facebook ads you can use right now to make more money in real estate.

You, your ISA or virtual assistant can copy his ad campaigns and ads exactly substituting in your own information. It really is that easy. With our course, if you can watch a computer screen, you can succeed at Facebook Ads!

Automated Funnel for More Monthly Transactions

Now, if you love cold calling, door knocking and driving around looking for FSBO signs for hours on end, paying too much for crappy leads, or overpaying an agency to deliver below sea-level ROI for your ad spend, then this course is not for you.

But...if you want to join the smart, successful agents seeing high ROI on ad spends, low cost per acquisition on highly-qualified seller and buyer leads and who turning on an automated funnel that delivers more transactions each month, then now is the time to act and invest in your success with Facebook Ad Certification from Rebus University.

Buy Now with Complete Confidence...Facebook Ad Certification Comes with Our No-Risk 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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(Your FAC purchase includes additional courses at $100 per team member. More info on Team Pricing here​)

Course Description

Course description

In this course, Evans Putman and Pat Hiban will not only teach, but show you exactly how to use Facebook Ads to get more qualified leads, listings, clients and sales even if you have no experience or have seen abysmal results with Facebook Ads before.

And here’s what really sets the Facebook Ad Certification apart from other courses on Facebook Ads for real estate agents...

Not only will you learn proven ways to make more real estate commissions and avoid losing money on Facebook Ads…

...but you watch, right over marketing expert Evans Putman’s shoulder on his computer screen, as he takes you inside Facebook Ad Manager and shows you exactly, step-by-step how to create High-ROI Facebook Ad Campaign Strategies from beginning to end (see list of strategies in the Course Curriculum below).

You, your ISA or even a virtual assistant can follow along and recreate the exact ad campaign (even the Facebook Ad itself) Evans creates and immediately get started generating leads and closing more transactions!

Below is a sample of what is covered in the course.

You’ll learn…

  • How to leverage Facebook Ads the right way to lower your lead generation costs, skyrocket your ROI and generate more business than your competition.
  • The listing agent’s secret weapon which helps you close more listing appointments, sell more listings and positions you as the go-to listing agent in your market.
  • Quick and easy steps for writing Facebook Ad copy and creating images and videos that convert at high levels.
  • How to use retargeting and custom audiences to maximize ad spend ROI, lower lead acquisition costs, and further qualify buyer and seller leads which helps you close more clients and transactions.
  • A proven process for creating a high-converting 4-step social sales funnel and the secrets for laser targeting the perfect leads to fill that funnel.  
  • High ROI ad strategies for getting motivated sellers to contact you to list their home for sale, engaging your SOI to give you more referrals, qualifying buyer leads for your available inventory, farming neighborhoods for high-value leads, holding open houses that deliver big results, and more.
  • Exactly how to set up an ad from beginning to end including campaign objectives, audience targeting, ad creation, Facebook pixels, ad testing and more by watching over Evans’ shoulder as he walks you through every step in high-quality screencast videos.
  • And there’s even more...yes, you will learn all you need to dominate your local market and competition using Facebook Ads without needing to outsource your ad spend to a high-priced marketing guru or agency.

Get Started today with no-risk whatsoever! Check out all the FAC offers for 30 days and if you don’t find it packed with value, then contact me and I’ll refund 100% of your money - no questions asked!

SAVE BIG - Buy Now for Only $397!

(Your FAC purchase includes additional courses at $100 per team member. More info on Team Pricing here​)

Sign Up Now for the Facebook Ad Certification Course and Receive:

  • 5 Hours of Video Training (25 Videos Including 16 Screencast Training Videos)
  • Exclusive Course Downloads and Bonus Ad Strategy Videos
  • 13 Quizzes to Ensure You Understand How to Use Facebook Ads to Generate More Leads, Clients, Listings and Sales while Maximizing Your Ad Spend ROI
  • Email subscription to Rebus Real Estate Profits Insider
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • No-Risk 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Reviews (1)

Facebook Ad

by Nancy Shewmaker
Awesome course! Very helpful...

Facebook Ad

by Nancy Shewmaker
Awesome course! Very helpful...

Course Curriculum

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Introduction Video
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Facebook Sales Funnels
Facebook Sales Funnels Video
Facebook Sales Funnels Quiz
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Facebook Ad Campaigns
Campaign Planning Video
Campaign Planning Quiz
A Deeper Look at Campaign Objectives Video
A Deeper Look at Campaign Objectives Quiz
A Deeper Look at Audience Targeting Video
A Deeper Look at Audience Targeting Quiz
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Ad Creation Basics
Ad Creation Best Practices (Part 1) Video
Ad Creation Best Practices (Part 1) Quiz
Ad Creation Best Practices (Part 2) Video
Ad Creation Best Practices (Part 2) Quiz
How to Create an Ad Video
How to Create an Ad Quiz
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Retargeting & Custom Audiences
Retargeting & Custom Audiences Overview Video
Retargeting & Custom Audiences Overview Quiz
How to Get Started with Retargeting and Custom Audiences Video
How to Get Started with Retargeting and Custom Audiences Quiz
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Testing Ad Strategies
Testing Overview Video
Testing Overview Quiz
How to Test Video
How to Test Quiz
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Beware the Boost
Beware the Boost Video
Beware the Boost Quiz
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The Listing Agent's Secret Weapon
Canvas Ad Overview Video
Canvas Ad Overview Quiz
How to Create a Canvas Ad Video
How to Create a Canvas Ad Quiz
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High ROI Ad Strategies
Home Value Ads Video
SOI Engagement Ads Video
Client Review Ads Video
Piggybacking Video
Farming for Leads Video
Soliciting Buyer Leads Video
Listing Ads Video
FSBO Ads Video
Targeting Investors Video
Open House Ads Video
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Conclusion Video
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Bonus Downloads
6 Tips to Create Killer Real Estate Landing Pages
The Ultimate Facebook Ad Cheat Sheet
Raise Your Average Sale Price
SAVE BIG - Buy Now for Only $397!

(Your FAC purchase includes additional courses at $100 per team member. More info on Team Pricing here​)