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CLA is a game changer! The entire course is a must watch if one wants to become a top producing listing agent.”
Bill Reig - CLA Graduate, Versant Realty, Washington D.C.
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Win More Listings with Rapport Building on the Listing Appointment

Have you ever lost a listing and knew that you offered more value than the agent they chose? If so, it was probably simply because they liked the other agent more than you - not because the other agent was more prepared or a better listing agent than you.

Building rapport and appropriate touching to create feelings of “like” is not a natural gift….. It’s a learned behavior. Once you learn how to connect naturally with sellers, you will close more listings - guaranteed. The listing agents in these videos - with close ratios above 85% are living proof that you need rapport building skills.

Never before has a course offered criteria for you to grow into a rapport-building machine ready to take any listing you want until now. Watch these 2 videos and take the quizzes at the end as a gift from me to you. Enjoy!!

Course Curriculum

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Rapport Building and Proper Touching on the Listing Appointment
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