Trish Williams
Best Course I Have Taken For Growing In Real Estate!
by Rebecca King

I'm always looking for courses to help me grow and learn as a Realtor and this one is hands down the best I've found in my 14+ years as an agent. It's the real deal, shows you exactly what top agents are saying, doing and bringing to a listing appointment. I used to say I hated listing appointments but now I'm excited by them. Since starting this program I have listed and sold my highest sales priced house to date. Before taking the course I would not have had the confidence to even go after a luxury market listing. Not only did I show up and snag the listing but I was able to price it correctly (thanks to this course) and get it sold in a week! Whoop whoop! I'm ready for the next! Thanks Pat for the awesome content!

Jonathon Green
Bill Reig, Versant Realty
Washington D.C.

" Are looking to take your listing presentation to the next level? I've closed 100% of listing appointments since I took the course. To be specific: 5 appointments, 5 new clients in 60 days! Do the math, it's worth every dollar."

Buddy Blake, The Buddy Blake Team,
Wilmington, NC
Micheal Wade
by Joanne gage

by George Ouzounian

This is a course that every agent new or seasoned should take. The information you get from the top producing agents is priceless! Thank you Pat and to all the Rock Star! agents. This is a game changer! Thank you, George Ouzounian Keller Williams 818-970-7675 George @Georgeoz.com

Excellent course with lots of actionable information
by Peg Augustus

The course was well divided into multiple modules making it easy to follow and each video was packed with information. I would recommend this course to any agent who wants to increase his/her listing skills. My team member, who is a new agent, is taking the course and has found it very interesting and valuable. Thank you, Pat, for creating this great course!

Certified Listing Agent
by Kristin Ayling

Course was great. I feel more confident in my listing presentations.

Great Content and An Approach for Everyone!
by Michael Hughes

Pat has done a terrific job putting together a listing course that offer a style and approach for anyone looking to master the listing process. As I watched (and learned), I was able to closely identify with the style of a few of the agents in each segment. After 13 yrs. of experience, I still picked up some terrific nuggets - and was reminded of others that I need to reinstate. The course is very comprehensive, and the quiz after each section forces actual learning - not just a fluff set of videos that can be watched half heartedly. In fact, there was much more content than I had expected. The agents who were interviewed deserve thanks too - the content they shared (as downloadable PDFs) is very helpful and certainly required a degree of courage to openly share. Thanks Pat and everyone involved in the program. I look forward to updating my listing process - then moving on to your team course.

The CLA course is simply Tremendous!
by Deon Jones

Wow! First class material. Jeff Cohn is a Rockstar! Rachel Adams and the others deliver tons of value. Thank you; Pat for drawing out that little extra from each presenter. If you are a Realtor or thinking about becoming one, invest in yourself with Rebus University. Deon Jones

Adam Robinson

I just completed their new course 101 Ways to get Free leads. The content was very good and presented (like their other courses) I. Short easy to watch and review segments. Just implementing one of these ideas will easily justify the cost of this course.

Take this course
by Jacob Gessner

This class is amazing, there are so many agents that are very successful showing you how to become the same and what you need to do to get the listings in your market. There are so many different personalities that you will definitely find one you can follow to become as successful.

Teams are where it is at in Real Estate, whether you are an individualistic, co-operative or competitive team player!
by Walter Mielke

Its getting much more competitive out there, so why not make real estate work for you. It only takes 1, 2, or more other Agents work with you, where you all can win. If you have your winning system in place, why not take advantage of a CEO team model? Take winning to the next level....

An Inside View into Everything You Need to Know, but Didn't Know About
by Jonathan Greene

The Certified Team Agent course from Rebus University gives you an inside peek into so many things that you need to know as a team leader but was too busy to get around to. The access to Omaha's Elite is unparalleled and it allows you to model the processes that will work for your team right away. The course presentation is streamlined and easy to get through at your own pace, but once you get started you won't want to stop. The second I finished the course I knew my team will never run the same again, it will run better and we will be able to grow much quicker with this knowledge.

This is a Gem Filled Pool of Shiny Pearls
by Steve Schwab

The content of this course is amazing! The CTA course is a deep dive into the systems and mechanisms that make Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group work. Anyone considering building a team and taking it beyond where the "common team" operates today, should definitely invest here. What is especially effective as you work though the material is its broken down into very bite sized segments with a short test at the end of each segment. Clearly a lot of thought was put into the delivery of this program thus making it a much more effective learning tool. I can't recommend it high enough, 6 stars!!

So many golden nuggets in this course
by Mike Sjogren

Absolutely loved this course. Jeff and his team walk us through step-by-step how he built his incredibly successful team over the past 3-4 years. He and his team share so many great behind-the-scenes tips and tricks to building and managing an incredibly successful team. Loved the culture aspect, providing agents with excellent training, 1on1 coaching and accountability while providing a fun and exciting environment to thrive in. Can't recommend this course enough.

Amazing Value - Tons of GOLD to help with setting up and running a CEO model Team
by Sven Skarie

This course is fantastic! It's filled with real time conversations that highlight the proper way to structure teams and how to train and educate the various team members to make sure your team is delivering a high level of accountability and service to your buyers and sellers. The actual forms Jeff uses are shared and are gold. Each part of the course is crafted with nuts and bolts of each aspect of running a team at a high level! Great job Pat and Jeff and I love being a fly on the wall during all the meetings you hold. Building a team is now within the grasp.

Eddie Gutierrez

The Certified Listing Agent Course is Phenomenal! Thanks to all the agents for being so open to sharing and to Mr Hiban for putting this together.

Excellent Course!
by Bjorn Jonasson

Excellent content. Well worth the investment. Lots of actionable information from real life experience. Well done gentlemen!! Bjorn Jonasson, The K Company Realty

Way more than I expected
by Chris Guldi

I expected an overview of an ISA department and the tid bits of information on all the intricacies. I found the material to be thorough and relevant. Will be putting together my ISA department soon.

Got a bunch of new ideas from taking this Inbound and Outbound Course...
by Walter Mielke

Learn how to take advantage of your Inbound Lead generation. I got a bunch of new ideas from taking this Inbound Course and Outbound Course.

Certified Inbound Lead Specialist Course
by Jillian McKown

Great Course! A lot of excellent ideas.

Title was descriptive and I knew exactly what the course content was about.
by Parker Pemberton

Sam and Dale did an excellent job partnering on this informative and well constructed course. I found myself getting up at 5AM without an alarm clock because I was so enthused and excited to continue learning about the ISA position. I've been in real estate for nearly 40 years and now my son and partner, Parker Pemberton, and I are in the process of rebuilding and rebranding my successful practice with a new enthusiasm and we are creating a brand that will be even more dominant in our marketplace. We are looking to hire our first ISA and so I wanted to learn the material so I knew what the ISA could expect. You've interviewed bot Parker and I on your show this year and we really like what you do and truly appreciate the insight we've gained by being associated with you and your firm. I couldn't be more pleased with the course , content, and presentation. I will absolutely require our new ISA take this course and learn it and internalize it. Pat, you have you have great insight and we really appreciate everything you and your company stand for with the self improvement of real estate professionals. I will consider this the first of many REBUS courses my team will order. If any of your customers or potential customers ever want to call on me for a live testimonial, please have them contact me. Well done gentleman!

Great Information!
by Amelia Smith

I am an ISA and I picked up a lot of valuable information from this course. Def recommend taking!

Great Course, Worth Every Dollar!
by Gene Mock

This was a great refresher and eyeopener all rolled together. I loved the short videos and the pdf downloads. I'll be reading through them everyday for the next month. That should make them part of my vocabulary when working with my sellers.

Dustin Fox

Pat and his guests have taught me invaluable lessons in real estate. Listen to every podcast because you never know what will inspire you next. I have 23.5 million in sales in a little more than 2 years from listening to Pat. Subscribe, review and share with agents. Keep kicking ass #MeatAndPotatoes

Peg Augustus

This is definitely a "5-Star" course! Hearing everything directly from the agents is priceless and I picked up lots of great ideas to use in my business. My partner, a brand new agent, is also taking it and is devouring all the information. This will give her the confidence to get off to a great start! Thanks so much, Pat, for creating REBUS and this course.

Trish Williams

This course is excellent, material that you cannot get anywhere else. With all the many different training programs that are available to Realtors, I have never before seen training that actually shows you step-by-step how to do a listing presentation and go for the close like this course does. The downloads are invaluable. It's worth the investment, because the return your business will receive from it is far greater!I highly recommend this course to anybody that is serious about making money in real estate.

Michael P. Hughes

Pat has done a terrific job putting together a listing course that offer a style and approach for anyone looking to master the listing process. As I watched (and learned), I was able to closely identify with the style of a few of the agents in each segment. After 13 yrs. of experience, I still picked up some terrific nuggets - and was reminded of others that I need to reinstate. The course is very comprehensive, and the quiz after each section forces actual learning - not just a fluff set of videos that can be watched half heartedly. In fact, there was much more content than I had expected. The agents who were interviewed deserve thanks too - the content they shared (as downloadable PDFs) is very helpful and certainly required a degree of courage to openly share. Thanks Pat and everyone involved in the program. I look forward to updating my listing process - then moving on to your team course.

Alex Norkus

Rebus University's Certified Listing Agent course helped take my listing presentation skills to the next level. I used the techniques taught in that course to pick up my first $1,000,000+ listing! HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANY COURSE RU OFFERS!

Steve Burke

Pat hiban is the man. So down to earth and Full of golden nuggets.

Well done course
by Kevin Storjohann

I enjoyed the course a lot. I learned so much from each Realtor on this course. There were a few who stood out as WOW Impressive. I would recommend this course to any Real estate professional. There were things I learned that I would have never thought of. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I'm going to recommend it to everyone in my company. Each video was so informative with tons of concepts that I probably would have never learned anywhere else. Bravo to all of the participating Moguls of the industry. Thank you! by Elizabeth Farnsworth

CLA is Awesome !
by Peter Florian

I have thoroughly enjoyed the interactive course and gain a lot of great tips to win the listings. Thanks, Pat!

Certified Listing Agent review
by Jennifer Franklin-Rowe

This is a very good, in-depth course. I learned a lot of valuable information. Be prepared, it will take you a while to go through it. It is extensive, but it is a resource you will always have and you can use it when you need it. It's divided into different segments, so if there is a particular agent you identify with, you can follow their recordings and learn from them. by Victoria Popescu

Awesome Course!
by Dan Brown

So happy i got the chance to take the course! Learned lot's most importantly you must be confident. Ensure you prequalify to know the best strategy to and pick the three traits they want in a Realtor. Thanks again Pat

Best Listing Course! ... GO AHEAD, compare different Listing styles....
by Walter Mielke

Highly recommend this Best Listing Course as a Managing Broker in Vancouver, Canada. Go ahead, compare different Listing, Selling and Negotiating Styles. See how some Listing styles work better for you and others do not work as well for you. Expect to work through it though. It took me at least 1 day for each part of this course.... I took 89 pages of notes.... Now it times for YOU to compare different Listing Styles!

Absolutely the BEST Strategies to apply immediately!!
by Sven Skarie

Pat Hiban has chosen some of the nations top listing agents to come and share their secrets for how they capture and win every listing that they want. The handouts alone are worth the price of admission - to copy their listing packages and apply them to your current branding. I applied just one strategy shared and have locked down a new listing and beat out 3 other agents.

Great Training!
by Chad Hauer

Thank you for putting together this super comprehensive listing appointment training, Pat! It was great to be able to witness multiple personality styles in presenting information and also see so many commonalities amongst top producing agents...which really tells a powerful story in itself! Really appreciate your commitment to creating great content for the people that go to you for anything "Real Estate". This was a valuable course for myself and my team and I know that it will lead to better conversations and a higher level of converting listing leads into listings sold.

Best Hands on Course Ever
by melissa Thompson

This was a great course and never before hands on training.. to watch how they present, the scripts and dialogues and the presentations themselves.. just wish this hadn't been so long in the making :) Would have love to have something like this 20 years ago. Thanks for the hard work and great course.

Great Info!!
by Rick Andrews

Great info that can be immediately applied to your daily practice.

by Joe Nestor

Superb Content!! Next level thinking and approaches to selling real estate! An absolute must for every Realtor.

William Michael Reig

The entire course is a must watch if one wants to become a top producing listing agent. The interviewees are great on camera and the production is top quality.

Awesome list of price reduction strategies to choose from!
by Walter Mielke

Pick and choose or use all of the price reduction strategies. Some are easy and intuitive. Others are simple and flow when you present.

Official CLA
by Jeffery Twigg

I have known you have to list to last, as that is what Floyd Wickman taught my father 25 years ago. I've had a lot of success winging it, and when I heard about this course on Real Estate Rockstar's (name is way to long, Pat) I had to give it a shot. I started the course and did the intro, then the next day nerded out for 10 hours and completed it. So much valuable content from the objection handling, to marketing strategies, to pricing to filling out contracts and commission. I'll continue to look back to this content as I fine tune and polish my presentation. Constructive Criticism: I wish Pat would have drilled these agents more and challenged their objection handling on their feet. It was super annoying having the listing commission bleeped out every time. I wish more time was spent on commission and close. I feel those sections could've provided more value.

Never disappoints
by Trish Williams

As many training classes that I have attended since becoming a Realtor, the one thing I do not see available is WHAT to do on the ACTUAL listing appointment. What are the Pros doing ? You see it all here, uncensored and uncut . This is where Rockstar Agents are born. Thanks Pat , you are changing the industry

Needed this for years
by Darryl Baskin

I am so happy to have this organization to raise the core competence of our industry. It is long overdue. Participating in this is not just career changing, it is life changing. The group is truly top level professionals! Thank you.

These Strategies Work!
by Sven Skarie

After completing this course went out and applied them and was able to easily preframe the price reduction conversation and also successfully got one completed thats been a challenge for me. The scripts are super useful and having so many awesome ways to attack the uncomfortable topic of price reduction means you'll never sweat the discussion.

Guaranteed to give you some new ideas to add to your existing real estate business!
by Walter Mielke

I like reading over my notes on some new things to try this week, as part of my weekly goal setting! WOW, it is fun building your real estate business with some new fun activities. It also gave me some brainstorming and creative ideas that I am implementing now

Awesome Course!
by Dan Brown

Again lots of great info and a great weekly routine to follow.

5 Alive will make your Agent earn $75k...
by Walter Mielke

As a Managing Broker, found this course, the most enjoyable course. Pat and Chantel Ray present an awesome way to get into or stay in real estate. This is a very real, workable approach that is FUN.... Really enjoyed the creative and very interesting things Chantel does to reduce resistence of buyers and sellers --> all leading to YOU getting even more clients!

Excellent foundational course
by Brian Reagan

Chantel is obviously very passionate and enthusiastic about her life and business. She hits the basics on several marketing methods (Five to be exact!). Further in depth learning may be required on some of the methods; but what is life and business if not continual learning? She states that this program will work for her agents, if implemented, and puts her own money on the line to guarantee it. I was aware of most of this content already, but the benefit I received was Chantel's infectious enthusiasm and the need to stick to a plan day by day, week by week, month by month, to be successful.

Awesome inspirational course
by Malcom Johnson

amazing course! really makes you reconsider your accountability and what your doing to better your business. Have already implemented many things from this course like the business highlights and telling people '' I'm hungry for their business!''

Great Training for ISA team Managers!
by Bjorn Jonasson

A must learn for Managers of lead generation teams. Many inside nuggets from real life experience. Highly recommended. Bjorn Jonasson, The K Company Realty

ISA Manager Course - Meat & Potatoes!
by John JohnIrvin

Dale & Sam give great explanations as to be an effective ISA Manager. As a broker/owner of a small firm myself I found that this class provided me with a lot of ideas, business strategies, and ways to help me execute my future team business. Running a team can be a daunting task, but this course put me at ease. I felt like I was really getting some real world knowledge from this course. I highly recommend you take this course if you plan on starting a new team or if you already have a team! This course will help you grow! I can't wait to put what I have learned into action as I feel this course has put me on the right path!

Great information & actionable content
by jason jackson

A lot of great information in this course on how to ask for online reviews, when to ask for them, and which sites to use. I have just implemented some of the info in the course on my last closing. Evans and Pat do a good job of providing information in this one and walking you through the steps.

Facebook Ad
by Nancy Shewmaker

Awesome course! Very helpful...

The Sell Is Great Course
by gene mock

I'd say this was well worth the money. I received lots of good pointers.

Very Good Material - On Point and Full of Great Tips and Strategy
by Ed Wentz

This is a winning course that is easy to take and use right away. Outstanding value. Thanks Pat Hiban. I look forward to being one of your podcast guest in a year as I take what I learned from you to be a top listing agent.

As a Managing Broker, I find this Certified Inside Sales Agent Manager course really improves your skill set as an Inside Sales Agent Manager
by Walter Mielke

In the very competitive real estate market in Vancouver, this information and skill set is a necessity. It will give you a competitive edge!

Great content
by Bjorn Jonasson

Another winner by Pat and Jeff. Great content, Bjorn Jonasson The K Company Realty

Steve Schwab

Just completed the Certified Team Agent (CTA) course on Rebus University. It was a fantastic experience drilling deeper into the team Jeff Cohen has established in Omaha Nebraska. If you ever take the time to visit Jeff in Omaha, this course will become a great complement to your visit. The delivery here is great with the mini tests at the end of each segment. This is a great program Pat Hiban!

Melissa Blume Thompson

This course is wonderful, it's so awesome "seeing" the presentations of these top producers. I've been in the business for 30 years and have NEVER had access to such great information. This is a course not to be passed up!!

Sara Guldi

Fantastic material! Great insight into how to have a high-level real estate business

Brandon Nelson

Pat Hiban is the ultimate "Been There! Done That!" podcast host and digital trainer. I'm a fanatical listener and student of Pat's and he's helped grow my business and my net worth. Thanks Pat!

Jennifer Bayne

Great information, really thought provoking on how to improve your business. The concise format made it easy to follow and recall for quiz sections.

Certified Listing Course GREAT Stuff!!
by Abraham Rye-Kirov

Pat, Absolutely loved the valuable content and talent you assembled here on the videos. Great variation of personality types to work with. 5 Stars !!